When we were first introduced to essential oils we wondered what the best way to apply and use essential oils was? Because we were buying pure essential oils (i.e. not diluted), we had to use a carrier oil of choice to mix with the essential oils before applying them to our skin for absorption. Most, if not all essential oils are too strong to directly apply to your skin without some kind of side effect, usually skin irritation or light headedness, but sensitization can happen in a worst-case scenario. Here's a general guide to diluting pure essential oils along with the risks of not doing so properly: Link 

In order to get the most benefit from your essential oils, they must be diluted to certain concentrations; 5% to 15% is the normal range with 10% being the most common in our experience. If you are trying an essential oil or blend for the first time, it is always wise to apply a small amount to a patch of skin and wait a few minutes for a reaction before applying it elsewhere.

Our roll-ons are already diluted to the proper concentrations that will net the best results. Most of them use an organic coconut oil or an organic jojoba oil as the carrier oil due to their vast array of benefits. We only use Jojoba oil in our Tummy Therapy because it is considered the safest oil for babies and toddlers (and recommended) due to its similarities to the human sebum.

All of our blends have been thoroughly researched, formulated, and tested with safety as our top priority. If you develop any kind of allergy or reaction to our products, please discontinue use and apply soap and water to the affected area(s).   

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