Misters - Aromatherapy Collection

After I got sick, one of the first things that I became ultra-sensitive to was strong, toxic odors found in products such as household cleaners, bleach, room deodorizers and sprays, and even detergents. Before we could just throw them all away, we knew we had to find safe and effective alternatives using all natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Most of the products we've created are based on a need and a longing for something better than what was out there. Using essential oils has been that "bridge" for making products that fit all of our criteria for safe products that work.  

Our Aromatherapy Misters were designed out of a need to create another effective way to apply essential oils to not only the environment around us, but to our own bodies. Each of our 7 Misters has its own distinctive aroma and/or purpose, several of which have such a pleasing fragrance that they can be used as a body spray or perfume.

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