Essential Oil - Our Blends

Long before we decided to start this company, we came across several essential oil blends that we were immediately drawn to due to both their fragrant aromas and ability to have a meaningful impact on my (Kristin's) life. As time went on, we found several of these essential oil combinations that actually worked so well that I couldn't be without them.

When God put it in our hearts to start Simple Matters, we knew almost immediately that we had to find a way to produce essential oil blends that would have as big of an impact on others as these two blends had on me. We wanted to make these blends readily available and affordable so that people who needed them the most, would benefit.

Although there are several choices out there, we feel that our blends most closely resemble those that helped, and continue to help me during my most trying days. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

Thank you for choosing Simple Matters because simple.....matters!


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