Carrier Oils

We are happy to announce to introduction of our carrier oil line. Due to the need to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil and the request by many of our customers, we've decided to start off with 2 of the most popular and most effective carrier oils on the market. 

Although both of our carrier oils are organic, our Golden Jojoba Oil is Certified Organic by the USDA. We feel it's important to offer Jojoba oil as Certified Organic because it more easily absorbs into the skin and ultimately the bloodstream. As a more expensive alternative, we feel it's benefits when used with essential oils are priceless (Jojoba Oil Information Link). Our MCT Coconut Oil is a cheaper, yet very effective alternative to our Jojoba oil that work well when diluting essential oils. Although we can't certify it as organic, we only offer the very best ingredients and products to our customers, so rest assured that this oil is as pure as one that is certified organic. 

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